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Extended Reality in Real Estate

Extended reality is a technology that has found many uses in several human endeavors. One such use is within the real estate industry. It has opened new frontiers for the management of real estate businesses. As a result, many business owners that are involved in real estate are leveraging extended reality technology to bring in customers. Likewise, clients look at the idea of utilizing extended reality to access real estate properties.

Extended Reality

Extended reality is any technology that brings the physical and the digital world together. Currently, there are three major aspects of extended reality that are used in real estate. These are virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. The development of future technologies that merge the two environments will also be classified under extended reality.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Virtual reality is a technology that offers users a completely digital experience within a virtual world. This digital experience is simulated using wearables such as headsets, headphones, motion detectors, and much more. Many real estate businesses are using virtual reality technology to narrow down the needs of their clients. A short virtual tour can be given to a client using virtual reality technology before a consultation can begin. By doing this, a real estate agent can simplify the process of finding a property for their client. Also, virtual reality technologies can be used to train agents by putting them in difficult virtual situations that prepare them to handle tough clients.

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality technology seeks to augment the real experience of a user. As a result, virtual objects can be placed within the physical world via wearable technologies. Animation, objects, and text can all be superimposed on the physical world using technology. With this technology, the presentation of far-away real estate property is simplified. A client can experience the surroundings of a building without necessarily being overwhelmed by the technology. Likewise, real estate agents can use augmented reality as a quick reference system that allows them to stay on top of the presentation for their clients. The use of augmented reality will get easier as the technology gets smaller and better especially, as wearable glass development accelerates.

Mixed Reality in Real Estate

Mixed reality, on the other hand, is an extended reality technology that tries to merge both virtual and augmented reality. As a result, mixed reality is a technology that brings the digital and real-world by intertwining the two realities within the real world. Therefore, a mixed reality technology user can interact with both virtual and real objects. This technology is useful for clients that what to experience in-depth experiences. Consequently, with the help of mixed reality technology, a client can view a building and make virtual adjustments to it. Doing this significantly increases the user experience and increases the chances of making a sale. Likewise, real estate agencies can make use of mixed reality technology to market their products and also train their staff.

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