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TOP-5 Most Popular Extended Reality Companies

Extended Reality (XR) is beginning to become an integral part of how the world works. As this technology evolves, it is transcending the gaming and entertainment industry. Healthcare, marketing, education, and other sectors are getting increasingly interested in XR. As a result of this elevating demand, more and more companies are emerging as XR service providers. These businesses provide custom-made products and services to their clients. There are hundreds of companies that are involved in XR development. In no particular order, the top-5 most popular extended reality companies are discussed below.


This company is an American business that is based in Chicago. It is known for its creative studio, which develops amazing physical and artificial user experiences. Although Next/Now is a small company, it has a team of skillful personnel that is experts in terms of game development, computer-based design, XR development, architecture, and 3D animation. Over the years, Next/Now has been able to capture a number of high-profile clients. These clients include McDonald’s and Chevron.


Iflexion is a company that began operations in the late 90s. Ever since the company as grown to become a giant in the IT service industry. The company has managed to put together an army of technical experts, which include designers, engineers, and analysts. This company has several clients, which include Shell, Adidas, Expedia, PayPal, to name a few. Additionally, Iflexion provides its clients with XR services that work well with wearable and smart portable devices. Also, the company is known to be an expert in designing, developing, and prototyping products and services to its clients within a wide range of sectors.


CentrexLabs has been in business for a little over ten years. This company is a New York-based company that is actively involved in digital conversion. Apart from web development, this company is also significantly involved in XR. Many retail businesses look to CentrexLabs to provide them with new and innovative experiences for the customers. LiveNation and Panerai are some of CentrexLabs’ biggest clients.


CitrusBits began operation in 2005. It is an XR and mobile software application development business with deep roots with up and coming businesses, small scale companies, and larger corporations. This company is known for providing exceptional XR technology experiences to their clients. CitrusBits has a team of specialists that are experts in healthcare, entertainment, gaming, and industrial manufacturing. The business has, over the years, provided XR services and other solutions to big companies such as Burger King and National Geographic, to name a few.


This company is a Polish business that provides XR products and services to its clients all around the world. 4Experience provides different types of XR solutions to different clients. The team of experts at 4Experience provides video simulations and other XR-related services to its clients. Although the company is based in Europe, it possesses a large number of clients in the USA. Notwithstanding, 4Experience still has many clients in Europe. Walmart, Cisco, and Ford are some of the notable clients within the portfolio of the company.

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