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Extended Reality in Military Sector

The use of extended reality technology has increased significantly over the years. Many sectors have embraced this technology and have actively been involved in its development. One such sector that uses extended reality is the military sector.

The military sector more than any sector has invested billions of dollars into extended reality technology. It has included extended reality into both training drills and real-life military operations. In a few years, almost all the activities within the military sector will be carried out with the aid of extended reality.

Extended Reality

The term extended reality is a word that describes a group of technologies that bring together the digital and the physical worlds. It consists of three major technology types, which are augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality. In the not-so-distant future, any technology that makes use of the two environments will likely be categorized as an extended reality tool.

Augmented Reality in Military Sector

Augmented reality is a form of extended reality that uses technology to augment the real world. With the aid of glasses and other handheld devices, users can get basic options or graphics superimposed on the real world. As a result, this technology has several uses within the military sector. Several advanced headsets have been developed to aid soldiers as they operate within enemy lines. Such devices come equipped with several sensors such as infrared and thermal imagery to enhance the human eye.

Additionally, many wearables can provide up-to-date maps for military personnel as they navigate during operations. Such devices not only minimize the risks that frontline operators face but also helps to disarm the enemy with little or no deaths.

Mixed Reality in Military Sector

As the name implies, mixed reality attempts to merge the physical and virtual worlds. It can be seen as a hybrid technology that combines virtual reality and augmented reality. Therefore, a person that uses mixed reality devices gets to interact with both physical and virtual objects simultaneously. Within the military, this type of extended reality is perfect for the development of new weapons and other military hardware. It gives the military engineer the ability to create and test prototypes of various weapons and other technologies within the mixed reality realm.

In addition, mixed reality gives the military an invaluable tool for the demonstration of tactical formation about a planned operation. As a result, a group of soldiers on a mission are given clear guidance on what to do before getting into the field.

Virtual Reality in Military Sector

Virtual reality is a branch of extended reality technology that presents a user with a completely virtual experience. It is presented using wearables and other devices, which allow a user to be immersed in a digital experience. Virtual reality has been extensively used by the military to provide training for both recruits and experienced soldiers. In many cases, simulations of challenging computer-generated terrains are used to give soldiers the necessary experiences needed to survive real-life battles.

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