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Best Extended Reality Applications

The rapid development of extended reality (XR) in today’s world has increased its areas of application. Many companies and institutions are actively searching for ways to include extended reality in the activities and services they may offer to their clients. In general, XR is the main form of technology that covers augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. Similar forms of technology that are going to be developed in the future will also fall under the category of XR. Therefore, all these three types of technologies can be applied to a variety of applications. The best forms of applications cut across healthcare, entertainment, education, and more.


The use of XR has significant potential in schools at all levels. A handful of schools have already begun to apply XR to advance the assimilation of their students. This technology offers an incredible tool for teachers to demonstrate fundamental concepts with ease. For example, students can have a deep understanding of the composition and mode of operation of a car engine. The instructor can present an engine using XR. They can also start and explode all the engine parts for all to see without stepping out of the classroom.

Cinema and Entertainment Centers

XR is extensively used in cinemas and entertainment centers for the benefit of spectators. Augmented reality is used in a wide range of cinemas, theme parks, and more to give customers incredible experiences. The advent of 3D and 4D cinema experiences utilizes XR to entertain and amaze the audience. For example, many famous theme parks offer XR events such as train rides, scary houses, and interactive animations. The audience gets to experience each and every action up close and personal. Some studios go as far as to include water sprinklers, heaters, and blowers to enhance the experience.


At the moment, the use of XR is most advanced in gaming. All the major gaming platforms have developed amazing XR games. The famous Pokйmon Go uses XR, which allows users to play this game wherever they are in their community. Other platforms such as Nintendo and Sony PlayStation all have specialized headsets that allow their users to experience the immense capabilities of XR in 360degrees with the help of cameras and other sensors. As the technology gets cheaper and better, more and more users are opting to join in the XR frenzy.

Medical Application

The medical application of XR is still in its infancy at the moment, as research is ongoing. Notwithstanding, medical XR applications have been developed. Additionally, as technology advances, it is becoming easier to use this technology to examine MRIs, and CT scans effectively. Many doctors are using XR applications and headsets to develop surgical plans for complicated medical procedures beforehand. These allow them to create an effective action plan, which ultimately increases success. In the future, without a doubt, XR will become a useful instrument in all aspects of medicine due to the incredible amount of insight it can offer medical personnel, thereby decreasing the number of invasive procedures.

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